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VENYY Muscle Training

VENYY Muscle training provides a new way of using VENYY! The 8kg VENYY bar is an effective and versatile friend for workout, since the ball at the end of the bar helps the user to do a wide range of muscle training workout movements. By means of the lever arms, the movements can be customized to suit for almost everyone.

High quality videos will instruct you on how to do the exercises and explain why to do a certain exercise and how it will affect your body.

Get familiar with our workout videos and start the workout with VENYY! You can easily purchase the workout videos from our online store and download them to your devices.

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Back Rehabilitation Workout

The purpose of this rehabilitation video is to increase awareness on back well-being and raise attention to how a simple movement can be rehabilitating or feel challenging.

Back pain is common to nearly all adults. Not many, however, know that it will not heal with rest. Proper exercise and versatile use of back are safe for individuals with back pain, and they will improve the health of the back. Pain is a challenge that can be overcome, not a controller that will beat you.

Apart from the VENYY stretches, this workout is done without equipment. For an individual with back pain we recommend to start only with VENYY passive stretches for the first 1 to 2 weeks. When the situation has calmed down, it is good to add Back Rehabilitation workout to the program to get the best possible rehabilitation response. 

Posture Improving Neck and Shoulder Workout

The most common reason for symptoms in the neck and shoulder area is muscle tension and muscle weakness. Shoulders will rotate forward, posture will get worse and pain will occur.


This exercise is tailored for you if you do sedentary work or have working conditions which require a lot of hunching or bending forward. You may suffer from neck and shoulder pain or have bad posture.

Effective 15 min neck and shoulder workout revives and strengthens weakened muscles and corrects posture and the misalignment of the shoulders.

 Work Exercise

Sitting and working in a bent position cause changes in the musculoskeletal system that VENYY effectively prevents and rehabilitates.

In addition to good ergonomics and changing working positions, a good workday should include breaks. One may easily get caught up by work and fully forget to have breaks. VENYY provides a fast and an efficient break from work. The body recovers, pains stay away, and mind brightens.


The Workout for Beginners

The Workout for Beginners offers a versatile full-body workout for a person who is starting muscle training for the first time or has had a break from it.

The workout includes great exercises for external big muscle groups, and full- body activating balance movements which activate deep core muscles.

The Workout for Beginners is friendly to joints and suitable, for example, for an individual with knee arthrosis. Workout is made in collaboration with the Finnish Joint Association.

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