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What is passive stretching? 

Studies especially emphasize the effects of passive stretching. Passive stretching applies well to elderly people, beginners, and to very tight individuals. Passive stretching means a stretch that is made by someone else than the individual him/herself, like another person or an assisting device, for example. In passive stretching the muscles ability to remain relaxed is much greater than in any other way. This is important, because only a relaxed muscle can stretch. Long lasting static stretch slowly relaxes the muscle, when it gets used to a new length. 

The unique Posterior Chain stretch


Back muscles are part of the Posterior Chain, which refer to all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia on the back side of the body. The Posterior Chain reaches from head all the way down to heels. The body is a complex system composed of different parts, which have mutual relationship with the others. If the chain has strong or chronic muscle stiffness in some part, it weakens the entire chains ability to function. It causes pain and even changes in the joint angles.

The heavy VENYY stretching tool activates and stretches the entire Posterior Chain with one move. This way the focus is always on the most problematic and tightest part of the chain. In many cases the area or the part of the body, that rarely show symptoms, is the cause of the problem. The actual problems lie somewhere else in the chain, but your back is showing the symptoms, for example. The standard way of looking at the muscles is to see them in isolation. In reality they are connected, and muscles also influence functionally through fascial webbing. Stability, strain, tension, fixation, resilience and postural compensations are all distributed through chains that run from head to feet.

Poor working positions and extensive sitting overstrain and weaken back muscles. Their purpose as a spine supporting muscles declines, because muscles and tendons ability to work as sensors caused by stretch in position change is hindered. When back muscles relax, the load will shift to intervertebral discs and ligaments. Back pain and other symptoms will start to show. Intervertebral disc degeneration caused by aging also exposes to back pain. The liquid concentration of intervertebral discs decreases, space between vertebrae becomes lower and changes in spine can be detected.

​VENYY creates a passive stretch which improves tissue metabolism and oxidization. It evens out the pressure directed to intervertebral discs and creates more space for them. 

​What does muscle tension cause in your body?

  • It shortens muscles and causes changes in joint angles, leading to joint pain, arthritis and premature osteoarthritis. 

  • Tight and stiff muscles cause changes in posture and create bad posture. 

  • Weakens muscles metabolism, tight muscles press capillaries and nervous system preventing them from functioning normally.

  • Increases the risk of injury during performance and the risk of repetitive strain injury. 

  • Decline in performance levels.

What does VENYY do?

​​LENGHTENs your shortened muscles and works on their recovery to their normal length. Focus is always on the most problematic and tightest part of the chain. Incorrect angle joints will start to amend, when a muscle builds more sarkolemmas and it grows in length. Joint pain will ease and the risk for premature osteoarthis will decrease.

FIXes posture by opening tight and stiff muscles and preventing them from pulling your posture down. 


BOOSTs muscles metabolism by reducing muscle tightness and enabling capillaries and nervous system function normally. 


DECREASEs the risk of injury by balancing the body.


IMPROVEs performance levels by increasing the movement economy.

VENYY also increases your muscle mass 

When using VENYY you won´t just get more flexible, but also stronger.
Did you know that regular stretching can increase your muscle mass and muscle endurance by over 20 %? Studies show that Passive Stretching cause muscle hypertrophy, an increase in size of skeletal muscle through a growth in size of its component cells. The mechanical stress caused by stretching increases muscle mass, and muscle endurance will increase with the muscle growth. The increase in muscle strength can also be explained by the increase in the length of the muscle. Longer muscle will contract faster. 

Design solutions

To be able to provide a person with the most relaxed and pleasant stretching experience, the VENYY stretching tool has gone through many planning stages. The final design of VENYY has been thoroughly studied and carried out to endure heavy use.


The antibacterial handle is designed to give you a firm grip easily, without the need to squeeze hard so you can relax and enjoy the stretch.

8 kg Bar

The key to passive stretching is being passive and relaxed. That’s why VENYY is so heavy, it literally takes the work from you and makes it possible for your muscles to relax and stretch in a completely new way.

Technique Guiding Mat

VENYY comes with a complete instructional mat to guide you through our exercise. It will help you to get started, but ones VENYY becomes familiar and part of your daily routine, you can use VENYY without the mat as well.


The ergonomic and slip secure rubber ball specially designed for VENYY gives you a fraction free and smooth stretching experience.

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