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VENYYn Tarina

The birth of our innovation

Sarita Alanko was kicked by a horse straight to her spine which caused permanent pain

Years ago Sarita, a nurse, was at the stables for her beloved hobby when all of a sudden a horse behind her spooked and kicked her to her spine. Sarita suffered a spinal disc hernia, spinal canal contraction and within time a spinal degeneration.  


Even though the pain was unbearable, Sarita wanted to get back to the stables. Despite the rehabilitation her pack was aching and hurting and demanded rest. As a healthcare professional Sarita started to look for solutions and tried all kinds of methods to relieve the pain. Once there was a crowbar next to her at the stables and she decided to hang on to it to relieve the pressure from her back. In the meantime, she started turning the crowbar from side to side. The stretch felt really good


Crowbar stretching became a habit at the stables ​

Having her own horse, Sarita spent a lot of time at the stables and made the crowbar stretch a habit. Due to her own surprise the crowbar by day stretching did not only provide momentary relief, but in the long run started to lessen the pain day by day. She started to sleep better and the back started to feel like it had been cured completely. 

Next step was to develop a crowbar suitable for indoor use 

Sarita soon noticed that she missed the crowbar stretching at home. She started to innovate how to develop a crowbar suitable for stretching indoors. In the beginning, the crowbar for indoor use came just for her own need, but being a nurse and a personal trainer she soon realized that there was a real need for the product. There was no product on the market which would stretch the entire posterior chain and balance out the pressure and make room for spinal discs.


Today the product is called VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tool (the name is Finnish and means ‘stretching’). It has helped thousands to overcome their musculoskeletal pains and problems. Many healthcare professionals like doctors, physiotherapists, naprapaths, have also found VENYY. It is used in hospitals, rehabilitation institutions, schools, work places and, of course, at home. It has received wide media attention in Finland, and articles about the innovation have been published in healthcare professional magazines as well as in national evening papers. You can read one of the articles from here.



VENYY today has helped thousands of people to get rid of their musculoskeletal issues.

We have been working within healthcare and physical education for over two decades. Our operations are based on sports medicine and gerontology and on years’ working experience in the field. 


Our product design team is built on three strong and talented individuals. We all have our own fields of specialties. Our success is based on seamless teamwork and on respecting and appreciating work effort of others.


Jeanette combines knowledge in two different fields: business and physical education. She has a master’s degree in international business and additionally she is a personal trainer. She has also studied sports medicine to deepen her knowledge of physical education.

CEO, Founder

Sarita Alanko_Silverplus_VENYY_Innovaati

Sarita is a top professional in healthcare and physical education. She has more than two decades of experience and has several degrees in the field. Thanks to her knowledge and experience VENYY - The Passive Stretching Tool was innovated.

VENYY Inventor, Founder


Laura combines sales and business knowledge. She has a master’s degree in business and has also been studying business law. Having been working abroad with consulting and gaining experience, Laura is a natural born innovator and executor, whose goal is to make the entire world to stretch with VENYY.

Development Director, Partner


Seppo is an experienced professional in production and management. He is responsible for VENYY’s high production quality and ensures that each VENYY will be manufactured from the optimum materials.

Production Manager

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