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Remote work

The employer has the responsibility also over their remote workers safety and health. But often the possibility to observe and follow the burden of the remote work is very limited. It is common that remote workers ergonomics is not discussed until musculoskeletal issues and symptoms emerge.


The symptoms are usually caused by poor ergonomics and working for a long period of time in the same position. Sitting and working in a bent position cause changes in the musculoskeletal system that VENYY effectively prevents and rehabilitates. For example, sitting in a bent position decreases intervertebral metabolism, which will lead to back pain and spine degeneration in the long run. VENYY creates a passive stretch which improves tissue metabolism and oxidization. It evens out the pressure directed to intervertebral discs and creates more space for them.


In addition to good ergonomics and changing working positions, a good remote workday should include breaks. At the home office one may easily get caught up by work and fully forget to have breaks. VENYY provides a fast and an efficient break from work. Body recovers and mind brightens.



VENYY is tax deductible when it is purchased for a remote worker*

* Applies to Finland. Make sure from your tax officer what the customs treatment is in your country.

Hankkimalla VENYYt kasvatat  työkykyä ja tarjoat etätyöntekijöillesi  helpotusta ja piristystä pimeneviin syyspäiviin kotitoimistolle.

"In the beginning, working from home was nice, but later it turned into a nightmare. My back started to ache at night, and I could not sleep well. The days became long and uncomfortable due to the pain. My friend told me that she received help from the VENYY bar. I had to look into it. I ordered it to myself and after few days of stretching my back pains disappeared. I could say that only by stretching I got my work motivation back and was able to enjoy working from home.”
– Liisa 54, Teacher

Remote Workers and Work Exercise

Remote Workers and Work Exercise is designed specifically to individuals sitting in front of a computer. 


The exercise offers a fast and effective break from work and helps to hinder the harms caused by sitting and hunching. The body recovers, pains stay away and the mind brightens!  

High quality videos will instruct you on how to do the exercises and explain why to do a certain exercise and how it will affect your body. 

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