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VENYY - a tool to increase workplace well-being

Poor working conditions, sitting, hunching or bent forward positions, expose to muscular skeletal and cardiovascular problems. Muscles tighten, their fluid circulation and oxidation weaken, and the range of motion in joints may change. Eventually the joints will start to get sore or damaged, and the risk for cardiovascular problems rises.

VENYY Passive Stretching Tool (VENYY means “to stretch” in Finnish) is perfect for professional and private use. It prevents and rehabilitates musculoskeletal pains, reduces problems caused by sitting, makes your posture better and develops your performance levels. By stretching regularly with VENYY, fluid circulation and oxidation of tissues improve, intervertebral discs get more space, and their uneven pressure can be balanced. With passive stretching the muscles will grow in length fixing the problems and symptoms in joints caused by shortened muscle groups.


Decrease the work-related musculoskeletal burden and increase your workplace well-being by means of the Finnish innovation!

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The Turku Vocational Institute

At the Turku Vocational Institute VENYY is a part of studying. “Being a professional is not just that you are good at your job, but also that you can take care of yourself – your body and your mind”, tells Mónika Törn, a teacher of health and physical education. The Finnish National Agency for Education has hosted a program called “HOI!” that now makes it possible for students and personnel to use VENYY regularly.

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Pharmacy at the Kalasatama city disctrict

The Kalasatama’s pharmacy acts also as a VENYY retailer. ”The product felt instantly effective. We purchased VENYY to increase our own work community’s well-being. I believe that back problems in our pharmacy are about to decrease due to the help of VENYY. We want to provide the same help for our customers in the Helsinki region.”, Leena Merlartin, Pharmacist.

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Municipality of Lieto

The municipality of Lieto thanked their employees at Christmas in 2019 with a “moving” gift. VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tools can now be found almost in every school and daycare center in the municipality. Laila Mäkelä, head of the education services, has received positive feedback from the moving Christmas gift which has brought joy to employees’ weekdays.

Eurajoen kiinteistöpalvelu Oy.jpg

Eurajoki Real Estate Services

“Our employees’ job descriptions are very physical and cause musculoskeletal burden for one reason or another. We purchased VENYY bars to our agencies because we wanted as an employer to take care of our employees’ health and decrease musculoskeletal based sick leaves. The response was incredibly positive and the results so impressive that in a few weeks we purchased more VENYY bars. Currently we also have a VENYY bar in our warehouse that you can borrow and take home with you”. – tells CEO Iiro Kovanen, who himself has had help from VENYY to his spinal disc herniation.  

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