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VENYY harjoittelu

VENYY Stretching

VENYY stretching is a safe, effective and drug-free way of preventing or rehabilitating musculoskeletal pains and problems. VENYY can also reduce problems caused by sitting, it improves posture and enhances performance levels. Our product will help you whether you are an office worker, who sits a lot, a professional athlete or a senior citizen. VENYY will find your problem areas and starts the stretch where the stretch is needed the most, that is from the most problematic and tightest part of the chain.

Stretching Instructions

Start using VENYY once a day. When your body gets used to the movements and you start to notice the difference in your daily life, you can start using VENYY more often. Please bear in mind that in the beginning your muscles might get sore from stretching. This is completely normal and part of the process. In the future we recommend that you use VENYY especially after repetitive activities like after sitting for long, after cleaning or other house and garden work, after exercise or after work.

The Posterior Chain stretch
VENYY - Takaketjun venytys
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1 Place the red ball on top of number one.

Push your pelvis back and lean slowly forward. Extend your arms and relax your head between your arms. Keep your knees in a neutral position and breathe calmly. Concentrate on being still and relaxed for 30 seconds and let VENYY stretch you. 

Move to the side stretch by slowly taking VENYY to the side, at the same time slightly moving weight to the opposite hip. Stop the movement and concentrate on being relaxed for 30 seconds. Repeat the movement to the other side. Return to the middle and get up by bending your knees and assisting with your hands.

The Chest Opener stretch