Stretching instructions


Start using VENYY once a day. When your body gets used to the movements and you start to notice the difference in your daily life, you can start using VENYY more often. Please bear in mind that in the beginning your muscles might get sore from stretching. This is completely normal and part of the process. In the future we recommend that you use VENYY especially after repetitive activities like after sitting for long, after cleaning or other house and garden work, after exercise or after work.

The Posterior Chain stretch

1 Place the red ball on top of number one.

Push your pelvis back and lean slowly forward. Extend your arms and relax your head between your arms. Keep your knees in a neutral position and breathe calmly. Concentrate on being still and relaxed for 30 seconds and let VENYY stretch you. 

Move to the side stretch by slowly taking VENYY to the side, at the same time slightly moving weight to the opposite hip. Stop the movement and concentrate on being relaxed for 30 seconds. Repeat the movement to the other side. Return to the middle and get up by bending your knees and assisting with your hands.

The Chest Opener stretch

2 Place the red ball on top of number two. 

Take a light grip of the handle and keep your shoulder relaxed. Let VENYY pull your hand slowly backwards. Do not let your body rotate. Stand still, relax and breathe calmly. Concentrate on being still and relaxed for 30 seconds and let VENYY stretch you. Repeat the stretch to the other side.

When you advance, move the red ball further away to the side from your heel. It will increase the leverage and grow the intensity level of the stretch. Remember that if you increase the intensity of the stretch too much, muscles will activate contract, preventing them from stretching. 


Who can use VENYY?

​VENYY is safe and does not require any knowledge or background in exercise. VENYY will help you no matter if you are an office rat, professional athlete or senior citizen. VENYY will find your problem areas and start the stretch from where needed most. You may feel the stretch in a completely different place where, for example, your family member or colleague does.  


How to recognize normal mobility? 

Normal mobility 

Your back hangs like a hammock, meaning that it is slightly curved downwards. The position feels good and natural and you don’t have to force it. 

You can see from the chart above what normal mobility looks like.

VENYY will easily tell you how much muscles stiffness you have in your body and how much work you have to do to reach normal mobility. To utilize the chart you have to take a look in a mirror while you stretch, or even better ask someone to take a photo of you. This way you know your starting point and can compare it to the chart. In the future it is easy for you to recognize your own development. 

Remember that if you stop using VENYY your muscles will slowly start to shorten and tighten up again. Your stiffness will return with all the pains and problems it brought along. This is why we recommend that you use VENYY daily. ​

Are you too lazy to stretch? 

Don not worry! Most of us are. VENYY takes stretching to a new level, makes it much easier and it only takes 3 minutes! 

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