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Treat your musculoskeletal problems with a Finnish innovation!

Vain 3 minuuttia päivässä riittää!

The Unique Finnish innovation cures your musculoskeletal pains safely, effectively and without medication.

VENYY Passive Stretching Tool, the rewarded Finnish innovation, provides a new way of taking care of your well-being. Poor working conditions, sitting, hunching or bent forward positions, lack of exercise or one-sided exercise expose to muscular skeletal and cardiovascular problems. Muscles tighten, their fluid circulation and oxidation weaken, and the range of motion in joints may change. Eventually the joints will start to get sore or damaged, and the risk for cardiovascular problems rises.

VENYY Passive Stretching Tool (VENYY means “to stretch” in Finnish) is perfect for professional and private use. It prevents and rehabilitates musculoskeletal pains, reduces problems caused by sitting, makes your posture better and develops your performance levels. By stretching regularly with VENYY, fluid circulation and oxidation of tissues improve, intervertebral discs get more space, and their uneven pressure can be balanced. With passive stretching the muscles will grow in length fixing the problems and symptoms in joints caused by shortened muscle groups.



"I avoided a second back surgery."

- Ilkka Kantonen, surgeon

"Respond is good, problems and pain disappear within days."

- Erkki Säkö, Counselor of Medicine

Passive stretching has studied health effects

When stretching with VENYY, the heavy 8 kg VENYY bar will cause an effective passive chain stretching to your body. Passive stretching means a stretch caused by an outer force like another person or an assisting device, for example. It will cause the nervous system to activate, which according to studies makes positive changes to the health of the musculoskeletal system. In the light of a new research, passive stretching can also protect from serious diseases of the circulatory system.

Olemme auttaneet jo tuhansia suomalaisia. Olisiko nyt sinun vuorosi?

Asiakaskyselyyn* vastanneista kaikki tuotteen omistajat suosittelisivat VENYY tankoa muille. Kaikki vastanneet olivat saaneet tuotteesta myös apua. 

VENYY asiakaskysely 3/2022


We use


VENYY is a Finnish innovation
manufactured in Finland

High quality materials used in the production of VENYY guarantee the product long operating lifetime and the user a pleasant and safe user experience.

Several Finnish companies, all top performers in their own field, are involved in the production of VENYY. In the end, every single VENYY will be put together and packaged by hand, so you could say that VENYY is an authentic, handmade Finnish product.  



Etusivu-VENYY eri aloille



VENYY Passive Stretching Tool provides a low threshold to increase working capacity. It is easy and safe to use, and it takes only 3 minutes time from the workday.

By using VENYY regularly unnecessary sick leaves can be avoided. Also, long and repetitive sick leaves caused by musculoskeletal issues can be shortened.

Educational facilities

To succeed in your studies, you need to be able to study. By increasing physical activity and pausing while sitting, student’s health and working ability can be enhanced. ​

Let us improve students’ physical activity and build a more active school environment together with the Finnish innovation VENYY Passive Stretching Tool!


The Passive Stretching Tool enhances the rehabilitation process. It is trusted by many professionals because it enables safe and effective exercises performed at the reception as well as at home.


VENYY retains the progression in the rehabilitation process thus improving the results.

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