VENYY efficiently relieves pain

Unique Finnish innovation cures your musculoskeletal pains safely, effectively and without medication.

A rewarded Finnish innovation VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tool provides a new way of taking care of your wellbeing. 

When muscles tighten their liquid circulation and oxidation weakens, the range of motion in joints might change. VENYY prevents and rehabilitates musculoskeletal pains, reduces problems caused by sitting, makes your posture better and develops your performance levels. 

​​Do you have problems with your back? Or does your shoulder hurt? 

​What if we told you that there is a very simple and effective way of taking care of those and many other musculoskeletal issues. And that you can easily do it at home or at work and it will only take 3 minutes a day. 

​VENYY (a Finnish word meaning “to stretch”) – The Passive Stretching Tool is perfect for professional and private use. In addition to homes, VENYY can be found in offices, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, daycares and in many other workplaces, communities and institutions. We work closely with doctors and with associations in the field. VENYY has already helped thousands. Would it be your turn next?

Forerunner in stand-alone home rehabilitation

VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tool enables an efficient stand-alone pain treatment in the privacy of your own home.

Exceptional circumstances make us now spend more time at home. Many work from their home office, some stay home to take care of their children and for others it is necessary to stay at home in order not to risk their health.


Exercising and moving less, and sitting more, increase musculoskeletal problems. Muscles metabolism and oxidation decrease and muscles tighten. VENYY prevents and rehabilitates musculoskeletal pain efficiently, safely and without pain medication.   


We use



Remote work

Remote work creates challenges for ergonomics which may cause musculoskeletal symptoms or worsen already existing pains. 


At work

Decrease the work related musculoskeletal burden and enhance your work community’s well-being with the help of this Finnish innovation.

Our goal is to decrease musculoskeletal problems world-wide​

We have been working in health care and in physical education for close to two decades. Knowing and understanding these two fields have given us different insight into things. A decade ago, we developed a unique innovation: VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tool.  VENYY prevents and rehabilitates musculoskeletal pains, reduces problems caused by sitting, makes your posture better and develops your performance levels.

VENYY during pregnancy

"Pregnancy is a big strain to your body. After I started using VENYY all my back pains disappeared. It also helped to keep up a good posture throughout the pregnancy. It was a great help to me"


—  Jeanette 33, Entrepreneur 


Educational institutions

Let’s increase the physical activity of students and build a more active school environment together! 


Increase the wellbeing of your working community and enhance the ability to work by means of the Finnish innovation. 

​Professional use

Many health care professionals rely on VENYY.

​VENYY is part of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development program 

"Finnish innovation VENYY – The Passive Stretching tool wanted to participate in Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation  Development Program to be part of the development progress of the new and innovative open rehabilitation field, which supports everyday life.”

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development Program is executed together with Finland’s Corporate Development ja JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The aim in the program is to create new and usable products and services to the rehabilitation field. The participants in the program have been carefully selected and they represent the best in their field. 

Read more about the program here.


Involved in the development program. Fysioline Oy, Silverplus Oy, Peurunka Oy, Pihlajalinna Oyj, KK-Verve Oy, Kruunupuisto Oy, Kankaanpään Kangaspolku Oy and KotiData Oy. Responsible for the program are Suomen Yrityskehitys (Finnish corporate development) ja JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

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