Professional use

The Passive Stretching Tool enhances the rehabilitation process. It is trusted by many professionals since it enables safe and effective exercises performed at the reception as well as at home.


The majority of the musculoskeletal issues is caused by muscle tightness and muscle imbalance. When muscles tighten, their liquid circulation and oxidation weaken, and the range of motion in joints may change. In the long run, joints will degenerate and get damaged.


In rehabilitation the focus will often be on improving the range of movement in joints. However, performing the right kind of movements will often be challenging and impossible sometimes. Extensive muscle tightness, old age, injuries and overweight, for example, are often factors that limit normal movement. Many healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, naprapaths, doctors, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and nursing homes have experienced VENYY to be a good tool for different target groups.

VENYY retains the progression in the rehabilitation process thus improving the results.


The Joint Associations

Many people suffering from joint and spine issues have received help from the Finnish innovation. Stretching is essential for joint health, because if the body is not used versatile, especially on the extremity movement range of the joints, we will start to stiffen. Muscles will shorten and the range of joint movement will start to diminish. When the joint stiffens and the range of motion reduces, the joint’s metabolism will weaken and the joint slowly starts to get damaged. The reduction of the movement in the joint will expose to osteoarthritis, reduce strength levels and deteriorate balance.


VENYY works closely with the associations for joint issues and provided publications from the awarded innovation in their magazines.


In collaboration with:

Turun Seudun Nivelyhdistys (The Joint Association of the Turku region)

Suomen Nivelyhdistys (The Finnish Joint Association)


Physical education professionals

VENYY is trusted by many physical education professionals in their work. It gives a new, simple and effective way to improve mobility helping to make the muscle maintenance exercises part of the daily routine. Good flexibility and mobility increase performance levels and reduce the risk of injury.


VENYY also gives trainers a quick and easy tool to evaluate muscle tightness and the limitations that probably have incurred to the workout routines. Many basic movements like, for example, deadlift or shoulder press require a certain amount of mobility in order to be safely performed. Especially many office workers usually have insufficient movability to exercise above workouts. VENYY will enable more broad-spectrum workout possibilities increasing mobility and the range of motion in joints just after few weeks of regular usage. With the help of VENYY physical educators will be able to build a more lasting and fulfilling customer relationship when injuries and pains can be better avoided.


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