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 ” We use VENYY as part of the physiotherapist’s guidance.

    The experiences are merely good!"

                   - Katja Viikari, physiotherapist, Saga Care

Professional use

The Passive Stretching Tool enhances rehabilitation and enables the safe performance of the exercises both by a professional and at home. 

Most of the musculoskeletal issues is caused by muscle tightness and muscle imbalance. When muscles tighten, their fluid circulation and oxidation weaken, and the range of motion in joints may change. In the long run, joints will degenerate and get damaged.

In rehabilitation, the focus will often be on improving the range of movement in joints. However, performing the right kind of movements will often be challenging and even impossible sometimes. Extensive muscle tightness, old age, injuries and overweight, for example, are often factors that limit normal movement. Many healthcare professionals, physiotherapists, naprapaths, doctors, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and nursing homes have experienced that VENYY is a good tool for different target groups.

VENYY retains the progression in the rehabilitation process thus improving the results. It can be safely used by a professional or at home.


​VENYY is part of Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development program 

"Finnish innovation VENYY – The Passive Stretching tool wanted to participate in Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation  Development Program to be part of the development progress of the new and innovative open rehabilitation field, which supports everyday life.”

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Development Program is executed together with Finland’s Corporate Development ja JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The aim in the program is to create new and usable products and services to the rehabilitation field. The participants in the program have been carefully selected and they represent the best in their field. 

Read more about the program here.


Involved in the development program. Fysioline Oy, Silverplus Oy, Peurunka Oy, Pihlajalinna Oyj, KK-Verve Oy, Kruunupuisto Oy, Kankaanpään Kangaspolku Oy and KotiData Oy. Responsible for the program are Suomen Yrityskehitys (Finnish corporate development) ja JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

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