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The Passive Stretching Tool provides an easy and effective way to build a more active school environment.

To succeed in your studies, you need to be able to study. By increasing physical activity and pausing while sitting, student’s health and working ability can be enhanced.

University students’ daily sitting exceeds the mean value of the adult population. On the average, an ordinary university student sits nearly 11 hours a day, only the sixth of the students sits less than eight hours a day. Extensive sitting is always a risk to the health, regardless of age and how much a person exercises.The renewed physical education recommendations for university students aim at decreasing students daily sitting and providing a low threshold for a way of adding activity. Also the project “Moving study” for second degree schools and universities aim at adding movement to school days and adding opportunities to exercise.

​Sitting causes changes in musculoskeletal system which VENYY can effectively prevent and rehabilitate. For example, sitting in a bent position decreases intervertebral metabolism that will lead to back pain and spine degeneration in the long run. VENYY creates a passive stretch which improves tissue metabolism and oxidization. It evens out the pressure directed to intervertebral discs creating more space for them.


When using VENYY between classes, tight muscles get a fast, but effective resuscitation. In addition to a healthier back, posture will get better, the pressure focused on hamstrings and pelvis ease and the mobility in shoulder joint will increase.

Let’s increase the physical activity of students and build a more active school environment together with a Finnish innovation VENYY - The Passive Stretching Tool!

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