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A better workday

VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tool provides an easy, safe and efficient way to increase well-being and work capacity at work in the office or at remote work. It will take only 3 minutes a day to use! Get familiar with the VENYY Leasing contract or get your own VENYY right away!

VENYY Leasing


10 pces 28€/ pce/month

20 pces 23€/ pce/month 

30 pces 18€/ pce/month

The minimum contract time is 3 months. The price includes the VENYY bar, instructional mat and written instructions. The VAT of 24 % and the shipping fee will be added to the price. The shipping fee will be 10€/VENYY if all products are delivered to separate locations. Fee of 50€/set if all products are shipped to the same location. The billing fee will be 5€/invoice. All products will be billed once a month with a single invoice. The products can be reclaimed after the leasing contract ends.


Questions and offer requests

Jeanette Lindwall

Sales director


+358 (0) 405307015

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