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Months of tightness in the back disappeared in the same day.

“I have always been active. I run, do muscle training and yoga. I started walking 6 km to work a few years ago. Good trainers and backpack made it easy to walk. After a while I noticed that I wake up every morning around 4-5 o´clock because my back feels so tight. During several weeks I had to get up in the middle of the night to so stretching exercises, so I could continue sleeping. I did a lot of stretching also during the day. I went to a massage and got temporary help from naprapathy. My bed is a decent one too, but still my back continued to be strangely tight. I started to get upset about my lack of sleep.”

“I got to know VENYY through VENYY’s innovator Sarita Alanko. She advised me to do few new exercises and the innovative VENYY passive stretches. I GOT HELP AT THE SAME DAY. I slept the next night until morning without any feeling of tightness in my back or without doing any nightly stretches J Now I am hooked to muscle training, and not a day goes by without VENYY stretches. It is amazing to sleep well!” – Johanna 52v, Consult

A typical feeling in the back is the feeling of tightness and the need to stretch. Your back is always on your mind. Nothing seems to help and back pain even wakes you up during the night. The symptoms are similar with individuals who sit or stand a lot at work. Back symptoms are typically caused by muscle weakness and tightness of the posterior chain. Passive stretching with a VENYY bar and strengthening muscles with the help of Back Rehabilitation Workout work as an effective and drug-free cure to the problem.

Illustration. The Innovator of VENYY, Sarita Alanko, shows how to do the posterior chain stretch.

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