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I avoided disability pension

In the beginning, Juha-Pekka had stage three muscle tightness. After using VENYY regularly, there is a clear difference in his mobility and wellbeing.

“About six years ago my back started to have symptoms and pain. I did not know what was causing the problems. I visited multiple doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to get rid of the pain and to be able to continue my studies, my work and life in general.

The years passed and I went through multiple exercising programs, heard several pep talks, took medicines, massage, acupuncture etc. I believe every one of them did their best to help me.

In one visit to a doctor, I was suggested disability pension because of my back problems. Back then I was under 30 years old! Despite all, I did not want to accept the situation and learn to live with the pain, even though I was told to do so. I did not want to give up, and not at least to go on a disability pension!

In 2016, I found the Silverplus health club. I had heard that they were specialized in musculoskeletal issues, especially in back problems, and decided to try their services. I made an appointment of few hours in which time my back and my general health was measured. I received a tailored exercise program for my back including stretching with VENYY. I did the exercises every day.

In the beginning, I was very skeptical. What if this was just another different program and the pain would not disappear? Despite my skepticism I continued to do the exercises every day. When time passed, I did them even a few times a day. Slowly I started to feel the difference in my posture and in my general wellbeing. The pain started to lessen day by day. The time went by and I continued to do the exercises and started to take personal trainer classes from the Silverplus health club.

Now my back and my health are completely different than they were six years ago. I can work full-time again and study alongside. I can live a healthy and active life! Thank you!”

– Juha-Pekka, 31 years.

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