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I avoided another back surgery

"I have been suffering from back problems since I was young. Ten years ago I had a back surgery where spinal disc herniation was operated. After that my back was fairly good for several years, but in the summer 2018 symptoms started to appear again. I had strong back pain and pain radiation. In the MRI, a spinal disc herniation and tightness in a root canal were seen again. A few months of conservative care did not give any results. A new operation was discussed.

After this I started using VENYY and rather fast the pains started to lessen. About after a month of use my back was almost completely pain free. For few years I had also had numbness in my legs after standing still. Those symptoms disappeared completely.

Then I started using VENYY regularly – about three times a week. For two years now, my back has been pain free.“ – Ilkka Kantonen, surgeon.

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