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Effective improvement in work ability and well-being

The municipality of Lieto thanked their employees at Christmas in 2019 with a moving gift. VENYY – The Passive Stretching Tools can now be found almost in every school and daycare in the municipality. Laila Mäkelä, the head of the education services has received positive feedback from the moving Christmas gift that has brought joy to employees’ weekdays.

Musculoskeletal burden is a well-known issue in the field. Especially in daycares’ ergonomics it is usually a risk to employees’ physic. Often the entire day is spent in a bent position when helping small children in their chores. Bending forward increases inter vertebral pressure, which will lead to back pain and spine degeneration in the long run. Posture will turn forward and shoulder mobility will decrease. Back and shoulder problems are very common among daycare workers.

The municipality of Lieto has noticed the problem and invested in improving the work well-being. “Movement is a drug,” says Mäkelä. “In the early childhood education, we do the work which includes a lot of one-sided movements, a lot of standing or sitting still. We need good back muscles, good mobility and muscle strength.” VENYY is suitable even for hectic fields since it only takes 3 minutes a day to use. Many daycare directors have thanked the fast, effective and easy to use tool. “When we have the strength to do even a small exercise routine during our work day, it will help us to feel stronger. Our thoughts feel brighter and our job tastes better.” Mäkelä continues.

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