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Daycare centers of The City of Turku use VENYY

Challenging working positions, almost constant bending forward, carrying, and hectic days describe well the ergonomic challenges in early childhood education. Even though there is a will for good ergonomics, it might be difficult or even impossible to carry it out in practice. VENYY makes it possible to take care of your musculoskeletal system in a short time even in a challenging working environment.

In the summer 2019, a pilot project with the ECE’s occupational safety and health department led to a huge success, and within the next six months The City of Turku invested in VENYYs for each one of its daycare centers. The response has been very positive from the daycare center managers and from the employees.

“The best thing ever!” “I will hug our manager when she gets to work!” “At last, we have a working solution we can execute.”

There amount of VENYY bars in use for the City of Turku are more than 100pcs.

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