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VENYY - The Passive Stretching Tool is an innovation developed by Sarita Alanko, the founder of Silverplus Ltd. Our family business is located in Finland and established in 2010. VENYY is a trademark owned by Silverplus Ltd. 


We have been innovating in the fitness and healthcare area for years. Besides VENYY we operated a unique gym concept called Silverplus for nine years in Finland. Silverplus was a high profile gym for over 40 year old´s. We sold the gym concept on the fall 2019.

VENYY has been a part of our Silverplus since the very beginning. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years, we decided that we wanted to share VENYY with the world and help as many people we can. In the fall of 2017 VENYY got its current design and received a trade dress. It had already helped thousands of our customers and their close ones and was now able to help a much wider customer range through our online store. 


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We have worked in health care and physical education almost two decades. Understanding and knowing these two fields have given us the opportunity to see things differently. During the past ten years we have developed this unique passive stretching tool – VENYY. It will not only prevent and cure most of your musculoskeletal pains, but it will improve your posture, and enhance your exercise performance.

We are on a mission to dramatically decrease musculoskeletal issues around the world. It has taken us years to carefully test and develop VENYY. We manufacture each VENYY here in Finland from high quality materials. We inspect each product ourselves, so we can guarantee a first class product. Solving your musculoskeletal issues has never been this easy and never will be! Join us for a better tomorrow and buy your own VENYY now!

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VENYY is a unique solution for overcoming musculoskeletal issues, improving posture and enhancing exercise performance from the comfort of your own home. Without actually doing anything, since VENYY does the work for you. 

In today’s world these issues are becoming greater and greater and many are looking for a solution to overcome these problems. What if you as a retailer could provide a simple and easy solution to these problems? Whether you are working in the field of consumer goods, physical therapy or sports we are open to new partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can give you some suggestions and figure out how to take the first steps together.

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VENYY on ollut myynnissä Kalasataman apteekissa tammikuusta 2020. "Tuote tuntui heti tehokkaalta. Hankimme Venyy-tangon oman työyhteisön hyvinvoinnin parantamiseksi. Uskon että selkävaivat ainakin meidän apteekissamme vähenevät Venyy-tangon myötä. Saman avun haluamme tarjota asiakkaillemme pääkaupunkiseudulla." - Leena Melartin, apteekkari

"Meillä on ollut yli vuoden ajan Venyy-tanko myynnissä. Haluamme edistää ja tukea ihmisten hyvinvointia ja Venyy on erinomainen apuväline siihen. Mm. haasteelliset työasennot voivat aiheuttaa jumeja ja kiristystä kroppaan. On hienoa, kun olemme nyt voineet tarjota aivan uudentyyppistä apua näihin vaivoihin. Venyy on koko kropan nopea ja tehokas venyttäjä. Tietoisuus Venyystä ja sen hyödyistä on lisääntynyt ja monet tietävätkin tulla kysymään tankoa. Huomasimme myös sen olevan hyvä joululahjavinkki." - Maria Ketola, Proviisori

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